Thomas H. Stütz

Thomas H. Stütz
Founder / CEO

For about 30 years, Thomas H. Stütz has been working exclusively in management positions, as founder/head/CEO very closely with thousands of people in business, industry, institutions, politics and also directly at international levels of government.

His focus is on the segments as an economic/geostrategic professional, geopolitical strategist, trouble-shooter, and mediator and as a personal consultant for extremely sensitive tasks.

Over many years and in a wide variety of topics and fields of application, Mr. Stütz in person, has acquired a very broad knowledge and a correspondingly broad competence bundling, as well as opening and consolidating access to the global network.

Thanks to this extensive experience in Germany and abroad, Thomas H. Stütz, worldwide insights into non-public, economic and political power structures, received a considerable influence on the entire processes of the world today and in the future have.

Thomas H. Stütz are at home on a wide variety of national and international levels, and are located in a broad range of areas where resolution conflict, troubleshooting and mediation are essential and necessary.

With special framework parameters for handling and based of results handling in the implementation of crises/conflicts, which often appear to be unsolvable, Mr. Stütz and his long-term solutions, which are based on viable Results and growth processes, are targeted for all, solutions for all partners involved.

In addition, Mr. Thomas H. Stütz has been a successful author (Bestseller) and publicist for many years.

His profound knowledge and focus are in the areas of national and international economics, the sociological structures and the fields of geopolitics.

His books are primarily regarded as forward-looking reference works. His books in the fields of economic policy and contemporary history are found in libraries of renowned European universities.

On the basis of his immense information and knowledge spectrum, Mr. Stütz offers his readers as a writer access to national and international economies, government, social structures and their influences on the present/future, and this in an exciting and entertaining form.

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