The Show must go on! – English version

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The 36th Evangelical church day in Berlin, or better yet, summarized in a nutshell, a tailor-made show event, almost in the style of a sect, with subtle messages which cant be clearer.

This event, in the presence of Chancellor A. Merkel and a very questionable former US President Obama and other people, is looking for the same show character in a meanwhile „Germany is looking for the superstar state“ on questionable basis.

Quotation Chancellor Angela Merkel:

„There is a great concern that those who are now integrated must now leave the country again“

Make this sentence once aware of the content!
(Legal regulations are bad, oje oje)

Quote: Barack Obama:

„We must believe that we can change the world, that we live under a kind God“

Make this sentence once aware of the content!
(Sheep sleep on and hope)

And to further strengthen the chancellor’s backing for your completely wrong asylum immigration policy:

Quote: Barack Obama:

„In the eyes of God the child earns on the other side of the border no less love and compassion than my own child“

One should realize this sentence once!
(He, the chief cause of the world for famine and poverty, speaks such phrases)

A supplementary statement from the theologian and ex-bishop and the current Reformation ambassador, Mrs. Margot Käßmann, to the church day, whose drinking habits caused her downfall. In addition, a still questionable figure.

Quotation: Margot Käßmann

„Two German parents, four German grandparents, one knows where the brown wind really blows“!

Make this sentence once aware of the content!

(This is an official incitement to the people and also a reason for the submission – diagnosis: delusions)

And if we now know that the Protestant Church in Germany is directly and financially dependent on the German state in Germany, so that the ecclesiastical government is and financed and subsidized to the smallest municipalities, then it becomes clear which role This event really played.

All this unspeakable and, above all, intentional, political attitude with a goal, the subtle influence of so-called believing people, is a shame for faith in itself!

Thus the event was only in the context and as a justification of a political misconduct of a chancellor regarding past mistakes and as an alibi of similar acts and mistakes in matters of asylum and immigration policy.

Is then consequently a „Christianism“ and no better than an Islam which is used politically and thus then becomes „Islamism“. (Politically used)

Whoever wants to accept and justify such a dubious and evil brainwashing under the approach of a faith to God can no longer be helped. For true faith is and looks different.

Let us hope, however, that the commonality between Martin Luther 500 years ago and a Reformation’s representative, Margot Käßmann, does not go beyond the beliefs of the Reformation and the preference for alcohol.

Poor Germany, what has become of you.

Thomas H. Stütz“

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